Staph Found In McDonald’s By Germ Hating Mother

Certain McDonald’s franchises in Arizona will have one less customer, and they like it that way. Mother of four, Erin Carr-Jordan, a child development specialist with a PhD, was discovered recently in the play place at a McDonald’s restaurant in the Phoenix area. She wasn’t peeping at children or making obscene gestures, she was swabbing the toys for germs.

The laboratory results came back and Carr-Jordan shared the results with whoever was willing to listen. Bacteria such as staph, was present on the play place equipment.

In addition to swabbing play place equipment for germs, Carr-Jordan has been filming different activity gyms in restaurants around the country for 8 months. She has even started a website related to the filth, called Kids Play Safe Facebook page.

One can only wonder if Dr. Carr-Jordan realizes that staph lives on the skin and is part of the normal flora of a human? Does she also know that these same bacteria are on every toilet in her home? How violated would she feel if her bathrooms were to get swabbed by a complete stranger?

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