father and daughter killed during Halloween in Florida

A Salvadoran and his daughter were killed by the driver of a car in Florida while celebrating the Halloween.

Carlos Alvarado Amaya, 46, and his daughter Heidy, 5, died Wednesday night, police in the town of Davie reported. Another daughter, Kaylee, 2 years old, suffered minor injuries.

Everyone was going from house to house asking for treats, as is the tradition of Halloween. They were run over in front of a 2011 model Cadillac, said police Sgt Mark Leone.

The driver, 30 years old, remained in the place and has not been charged. The police say that everything indicates that the driver was not drunk and that he was not driving at excessive speed.

The mother, Maria Orellana Cruz, told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel newspaper that the couple, originally from El Salvador, also have two older children.

“I was left here alone with my children, all minors, and I do not know how I can send the two bodies back to El Salvador,” the compatriot told the newspaper . “I do not want to leave them here (because) he (her husband) has all his family in El Salvador.”

Davie is a suburb of Fort Lauderdale.

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