Donald Trump imposes new sanctions on Venezuela

The White House on Thursday imposed new “hard” sanctions against Venezuela, accused of being part, with Cuba and Nicaragua, of a “troika of tyranny” in Latin America.

The new sanctions target the gold sector while punitive measures against Havana are also reinforced, said John Bolton, the national security adviser to US President Donald Trump, according to the text of a speech in Miami.

He attacked “this triangle of terror that goes from Havana to Caracas and Managua” and his three “tyrants who think they are strong men and revolutionaries”, but who are in fact ” Clownish and pitiful figures.

“The troika of tyranny on this continent will not last forever. Like all oppressive regimes and ideologies, it is doomed to disappear, “he said, advising Venezuelan leaders Nicolas Maduro, Cuban Miguel Diaz-Canel and Nicaraguan Daniel Ortega to” fear the virtuous power “of their peoples.

“The president and his entire administration will support the freedom fighters,” said John Bolton from Miami’s Freedom Tower, where, he recalled, residents of many Cuban dissidents and other Latin American regimes.

To combat the three regimes accused of “causing immense human suffering” and “tremendous regional instability” and “defending the rule of law, freedom and minimal human dignity”, the US government is determined to continue to use the weapon of sanctions.

The targets

After having already targeted 70 people or entities in Venezuela, including President Maduro and his wife, Donald Trump “has signed a presidential decree to impose harsh new sanctions” against this country, said John Bolton.

“The new sanctions will target the networks that intervene in corrupt Venezuelan economic sectors” and in particular, in the immediate future, in the sector of gold, he detailed.

No American will be able to do business with Venezuela in this sector “used by the regime to finance its illegal activities, fill its coffers and support criminal groups,” according to the White House advisor.

As Washington’s Maduro has recourse to “the same oppressive tactics used by Cuba for decades,” and that “the Cuban dictatorship allows the Venezuelan regime to implement its repression,” John Bolton said that sanctions against Havana were also going to be hardened.

“Today, the State Department has added more than twenty entities that are owned or controlled by the Cuban military or intelligence services to the list of entities that do not have the right to make financial transactions with Americans, “he explained.

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