HBO responds to ‘sanctions are coming’ tweet

President Donald Trump is clearly a fan of the cult series ‘Game of Thrones’. On Friday to welcome the return of sanctions against Iran, the President used a popular slogan from the hit show.

The image at the heart of the dispute was tweeted by the president at noon, shortly after the announcement by two members of his administration that sanctions against the Islamic Republic will be restored on November 5.

“Sanctions are coming”, can be read superimposed on a picture of Mr. Trump, who has a serious and determined face.

“5 November” can be read at the bottom of the image which completes the impression that it is a movie poster.

The advertising slogan is a direct reference to “Winter is Coming”, which is the title of the first episode of Game of Thrones. The term is also used by characters in the series to announce imminent danger.

The two letters O are also crossed by three vertical lines, imitating the visual signature of the series, which has been a monster success around the world for over 7 years now.

“We are not aware of this message, and we would prefer that our trademark not be diverted for political purposes,” commented HBO in a statement to CNBC.

How do you say “misuse of trademark” in dothraki?

Message posted on the HBO Twitter account, referring to a language spoken in the series
Game of Thrones , which will end next year at the end of an eighth season, is the most successful fiction series in the history of the Emmy Awards, the awards of American television.

Its success has resulted in elements that are found in popular culture.

In her book on her presidential campaign published last year, former Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, for example, compared herself to the character of Cersei Lannister, referring to supporters of Donald Trump who demanded his imprisonment during gatherings.

“They shouted” Guilty! Guilty! “, As the religious fanatics of Game of Thrones shouting” Shame! Shame! “While Cersei Lannister returned to Red Keep,” the residence of the king, “she said.

In mid-October, Indonesian President Joko Widodo also referred to Westeros, the name of the ruthless universe in which the series unfolds, commenting on a global economic situation clouded by trade tensions.

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