inmate is executed in the electric chair for the first time in five years

A man from Tennessee, in the United States , who murdered two people in 1984 was executed on Thursday in the electric chair. He is the first inmate to be executed that way in the last five years in the country.

The last words of Edmund Zagorski, 63, were: “We are going to rock”.

Reporter Adam Tamburin, of the Tennessean newspaper, described Zagorski with a smile on his face until a sponge and a helmet were placed on his face. Then he grimaced, he said.

Jason Lamb, a reporter for CNTV’s WTVF, said Zagorski wore white prison pants and a yellow shirt. He appeared to make gestures with his left hand while being prepared for electrocution.

Relatives of the two men who were killed by Zagorski witnessed the execution. They decided not to talk to the media.

Zagorski was pronounced dead at 8:26 pm ET. His last-minute appeal to the Supreme Court was denied.

Why is the electric chair still an option?

Zagorski’s electrocution was the first in the United States since 2013, when the state of Virginia executed a man who killed two people that way.

Nine states of the United States consider death by electric chair as an alternative to lethal injection. In 2014, Tennessee was the first state to make the use of the electric chair mandatory when substances for a lethal injection are not available.

In 2007, Daryl Holton, who murdered his three young children and his ex-wife’s daughter, chose to be executed in the electric chair.

Before the execution of Holton, Tennessee had not used the electric chair in 47 years.

The mysterious discovery of the bodies of two Saudi sisters in a New York river

Suicide, homicide, accident? New York police are investigating the mysterious death of two Saudi sisters whose bodies, tied with tape around the waist and ankles, were found last Sunday on the banks of the Hudson River in New York.

The sisters have been identified as Rotana Farea, 22, and Tala Farea, 16. Both disappeared in August from their residence in Fairfax, Virginia, but their bodies were found 250 miles away.

The women wore black mesh trousers and similar fur jackets . They were declared dead at the scene where they were found, on the banks of the river, police said. There were no obvious signs of trauma. The coroner’s office in the city will determine the cause of death.

Now more details are emerging, although much of the case remains a mystery. The sisters were Saudi citizens and students accompanying their brother in Washington, the Royal Consulate General of Saudi Arabia in New York said on Tuesday.

The forensic team said that it has not yet been possible to establish how they died, but the NYPD reported that the mother of the girls revealed that, shortly before the bodies were found, she received a call from the Saudi authorities.

The Embassy called the mother to inform her that her daughters had applied for asylum in the United States . In that conversation, says the mother, representatives of the embassy in the US ordered that Rotana and Tala should leave the country.

Saudi Arabia’s Consulate said in a statement that it was “closely monitoring with local authorities the investigation” of the deaths of the young women, while saying they were waiting for forensic reports that stressed “have not yet been finalized”.

The photos of the sisters were also released Wednesday by the Police, along with a call to the public to obtain information about them and how their bodies could have ended up in the docks on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Detectives have been in Virginia, where Tala had been reported missing, Detective Chief Dermot Shea told reporters on Wednesday, quoted by CNN .

Interviews with family members and others have begun to shed light on “what was happening in the lives of the two young women,” but did not reveal details.

The priority of the Police is to try to find clues in Virginia, where they disappeared on August 24, and try to clarify what happened in the two months in which his whereabouts were unknown .

“The work of the detectives has filled many of the pieces, but there are still some gaps that we would like to fill and have a very clear idea of ​​what has happened in the last two months,” the researcher added.

Police sources cited by ABC doubt that the girls were already dead before falling or being thrown into the river.

The girls had arrived in the US from Saudi Arabia in 2015 along with their mother and settled in the state of Virginia, although the police said they left the family residence.

Jamal Khashoggi’s body was ‘dissolved’ according officials

A Turkish official said Friday, a month after the murder of Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, that his dismembered body had been disbanded; the journalist’s fiancée called on the international community to try the culprits.

“We see at this point that they did not just dismember him, they got rid of him by dissolving him,” Hürriyet told President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s advisor to the AKP party.

“According to the latest information we have, the reason they cut the body is to dissolve it more easily.

An advisor to Turkish President Yasin Aktay

At a press conference in Washington on Thursday, US State Department spokesman Robert Palladino said, “Mr. Khashoggi’s remains must be recovered and returned to his family for an appropriate burial as soon as possible. possible.

Jamal Khashoggi, a contributor to the Washington Post, was killed on October 2 in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, where he went on paperwork for his marriage to a Turk, Hatice Cengiz.

A month after his death, and despite the efforts of the Turkish authorities, his body, or what would remain, has still not been found.

In a statement released Wednesday, the Istanbul prosecutor’s office said that “the victim was dismembered” and that “we got rid of him”, without specifying how.

After the prosecutor’s statements, an unnamed Turkish official told The Washington Post that the authorities were investigating a track that his body was dissolved in acid at the consulate or the nearby consul’s residence.

After initially stating that Mr. Khashoggi had left the consulate shortly thereafter, and then claimed that he had died in a fight, Riyadh eventually evoked an “unauthorized operation” by the authorities.

His fiancee demands justice

“Today, I call on the international community to take real, serious and concrete steps to bring the truth to light and bring those responsible to justice,” wrote her Turkish fiancee, Cengiz, in a forum published in several media, including the French daily Le Monde .

While several Turkish officials and media have directly blamed Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salmane, said MBS, Riyadh is trying to clear it by insisting on the “unauthorized” nature of the operation.

Cengiz called on the United States, the country in which Khashoggi exiled in 2017, to be “at the forefront of efforts” to bring those responsible to justice.

“The first amendment to their constitution symbolizes the ideals embodied by Jamal,” she says. “However, in the face of this tragedy, the Trump administration has adopted a position devoid of any moral foundation”.

Washington’s position

Washington is putting pressure on Riyadh for the case to be cleared up, but seems to give the benefit of the doubt to MBS, a powerful Washington ally in the Middle East.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Thursday that it would take “a few weeks” before the United States has sufficient evidence to impose sanctions on those involved in the assassination.

While emphasizing the “unacceptable” nature of the journalist’s murder, Mr. Pompeo stressed, however, that the US “intended to ensure that [their] relations [with Riyadh] remain intact.”

The latest gruesome revelations about the circumstances surrounding Khashoggi’s murder coincide with UNESCO’s “International Day Against Impunity for Crimes against Journalists”, which was celebrated on Friday.

Since 2006, the UN agency has condemned the killings of 1010 journalists and media professionals. But nine out of ten cases have never been brought to justice, according to a report released Thursday.

Between January 1st and the end of October 2018, UNESCO recorded the killing of 86 journalists.

Donald Trump imposes new sanctions on Venezuela

The White House on Thursday imposed new “hard” sanctions against Venezuela, accused of being part, with Cuba and Nicaragua, of a “troika of tyranny” in Latin America.

The new sanctions target the gold sector while punitive measures against Havana are also reinforced, said John Bolton, the national security adviser to US President Donald Trump, according to the text of a speech in Miami.

He attacked “this triangle of terror that goes from Havana to Caracas and Managua” and his three “tyrants who think they are strong men and revolutionaries”, but who are in fact ” Clownish and pitiful figures.

“The troika of tyranny on this continent will not last forever. Like all oppressive regimes and ideologies, it is doomed to disappear, “he said, advising Venezuelan leaders Nicolas Maduro, Cuban Miguel Diaz-Canel and Nicaraguan Daniel Ortega to” fear the virtuous power “of their peoples.

“The president and his entire administration will support the freedom fighters,” said John Bolton from Miami’s Freedom Tower, where, he recalled, residents of many Cuban dissidents and other Latin American regimes.

To combat the three regimes accused of “causing immense human suffering” and “tremendous regional instability” and “defending the rule of law, freedom and minimal human dignity”, the US government is determined to continue to use the weapon of sanctions.

The targets

After having already targeted 70 people or entities in Venezuela, including President Maduro and his wife, Donald Trump “has signed a presidential decree to impose harsh new sanctions” against this country, said John Bolton.

“The new sanctions will target the networks that intervene in corrupt Venezuelan economic sectors” and in particular, in the immediate future, in the sector of gold, he detailed.

No American will be able to do business with Venezuela in this sector “used by the regime to finance its illegal activities, fill its coffers and support criminal groups,” according to the White House advisor.

As Washington’s Maduro has recourse to “the same oppressive tactics used by Cuba for decades,” and that “the Cuban dictatorship allows the Venezuelan regime to implement its repression,” John Bolton said that sanctions against Havana were also going to be hardened.

“Today, the State Department has added more than twenty entities that are owned or controlled by the Cuban military or intelligence services to the list of entities that do not have the right to make financial transactions with Americans, “he explained.

CEO of Google supports employee strike

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has expressed support for the strikes of his employees that will take place at the company’s offices around the world on Thursday.

Workers will protest the way Google has handled cases of sexual harassment.

the protests are planned after an investigation by The New York Times, which details years of accusations of sexual harassment, compensation for the dismissal of millions of dollars for accused executives and a lack of transparency about the cases.

According to the publications on social networks, Google employees plan to leave their offices to demand changes in the company, including the end of the use of forced arbitration in cases of harassment and discrimination. ThyReviews

In a statement, the chief technology executive writes: “Employees have put forward constructive ideas on how we can improve our policies and our processes in the future, we are taking all their comments into account so that we can turn these ideas into action.”

father and daughter killed during Halloween in Florida

A Salvadoran and his daughter were killed by the driver of a car in Florida while celebrating the Halloween.

Carlos Alvarado Amaya, 46, and his daughter Heidy, 5, died Wednesday night, police in the town of Davie reported. Another daughter, Kaylee, 2 years old, suffered minor injuries.

Everyone was going from house to house asking for treats, as is the tradition of Halloween. They were run over in front of a 2011 model Cadillac, said police Sgt Mark Leone.

The driver, 30 years old, remained in the place and has not been charged. The police say that everything indicates that the driver was not drunk and that he was not driving at excessive speed.

The mother, Maria Orellana Cruz, told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel newspaper that the couple, originally from El Salvador, also have two older children.

“I was left here alone with my children, all minors, and I do not know how I can send the two bodies back to El Salvador,” the compatriot told the newspaper . “I do not want to leave them here (because) he (her husband) has all his family in El Salvador.”

Davie is a suburb of Fort Lauderdale.