Iowa 4-Month-Old Found Infested with Maggots ‘died of diaper rash,’ Prosecutor Says

The trial of Zachary Koehn, a 29-year-old man, arrested on August 30, 2017 on charges of murder and endangering the life of a child, began in a court in Henry County, Iowa, on Monday.

Koehn called 911 on the day he was arrested at 1:00 in the afternoon to report that his son, Sterling Koehn, four months old, was dead. “Around nine o’clock my girlfriend went to check the child, and then, like at 11 or 11:30, she went to check again and the baby was gone,” was heard in the recording that brought to the court the records of the emergency call center.

When the authorities entered Koehn’s apartment they found the baby’s body in a dark room with signs of malnutrition and worms on his clothes after his diaper was not changed for weeks.

According to testimony in court by medical examiner Dennis Klein, the baby died from denial of critical care. Klein presented the pictures showing the condition of the baby’s body where officers could be seen removing layers of urine-soaked blankets and clothing that had been placed on the stool-stained swing seat, in which the officers had rescued the body of the child.

He also showed where the worms had nested in the cloth of the diaper, so he could conclude that this situation took weeks once the larvae had already turned into worms.

The doctor assured the jury that behind the death of little Sterling there were three clear causes: malnutrition, dehydration and severe dermatitis that caused skin wounds. “Each of these conditions would have been sufficient individually to kill any baby,” explained the doctor who said he had no doubt that this case is a homicide.

Meanwhile, social worker Sheila Schroeder – who approached Zachary Koehn and the mother of the youngest Cheyanne Harris two days after the baby’s death – told the jury in court that the father’s explanation was that he had died. sudden death syndrome. He also warned that not only Koehn had admitted the use of methamphetamine, but reviewing medical records found that in the hospital where the baby was born traces of this drug were found in the child’s umbilical cord.

The social worker explained that another daughter of the couple of 2 years had been taken to a temporary home while the facts are clarified.

Officer John Turbett, who previously interviewed the father of the deceased baby, revealed to the jury that Zachary Koehn had confessed that he had never changed the baby’s diaper and that he had occasionally given Sterling a bottle, because “those were usually responsibilities of Cheyanne Harris, the mother, and that his was to take care of the daughter “. He said that the last time he had fed the baby had been a few weeks before.

Koehn would also have told Officer Turbett that one day before he died the baby grabbed his fingers and was very wide awake, attitudes that the forensic doctor Klein doubted were possible: “In the last days of Sterling it is likely that he had been lethargic , not responding to stimuli and without interacting with others, and probably would have lost their crying, “explained the doctor.

The trial of Zachary Koehn, who had to be changed from location by the animosity that generated this death among the community, will continue this week . The authorities are still waiting to hear the version of events that the baby’s mother, Cheyanne Harris, has to tell, whose trial will be carried out separately.

Teen Shoots Home Invader

It is not at all uncommon for a parent to leave their teens in charge of younger siblings. For one young man in Phoenix, Arizona, a day watching his eight, 10 and 12 year old siblings quickly became his worst nightmare.

At approximately 4:30 Friday afternoon, the unnamed teen heard an unknown woman knocking on the door. She continued banging, even after he ignored her, so the young man took his sibling to safety and grabbed his father’s hand gun.

While coming down the stairs, he witnessed an arm man entering the house. He shot the intruder and wounded him.

The 37-year old man is expected to make a full recovery, Police Officer James Holmes said Saturday.

“The police and indeed our community does not ever want to see a situation where a teenager of that age has to take a weapon to protect his family … but this young man did exactly what he should have done,” he said. “I’m not sure he gave full thought about what he had to do. He just acted.”

Holmes added that the family is lucky that the teen acted so swiftly and effectively.

Lego man washes to shore

A giant Lego like man washed ashore in Siesta Key Village, Florida, yesterday. The eight foot tall figure displayed a message on his chest that read “No more real than you are”.

This Lego man seems to be part of the same group of Lego men that have washed up on shores in the past. Other locations have included Holland and England.

“My name is Ego Leonard and according to you I come from the virtual world,” reads a message on his site. “A world that for me represents happiness, solidarity, all green and blossoming, with no rules or limitations.

“Lately however, my world has been flooded with fortune-hunters and people drunk with power. And many new encounters in the virtual world have triggered my curiosity about your way of life.”

According to the Lego Company, this eight-foot-tall, one hundred pound fiberglass, Lego man is not one of their creations. Sources believe that the Lego man coincides with a website run by Ego Leonard.

Although newspapers have contacted him, he acts as if he is the Lego man and not a man who launched the toy into the ocean. Upon questioning, he stated that he was warm and happy in Florida. The Lego Man is currently residing in the local police station. Who knows where the next Lego Man will surface.

Staph Found In McDonald’s By Germ Hating Mother

Certain McDonald’s franchises in Arizona will have one less customer, and they like it that way. Mother of four, Erin Carr-Jordan, a child development specialist with a PhD, was discovered recently in the play place at a McDonald’s restaurant in the Phoenix area. She wasn’t peeping at children or making obscene gestures, she was swabbing the toys for germs.

The laboratory results came back and Carr-Jordan shared the results with whoever was willing to listen. Bacteria such as staph, was present on the play place equipment.

In addition to swabbing play place equipment for germs, Carr-Jordan has been filming different activity gyms in restaurants around the country for 8 months. She has even started a website related to the filth, called Kids Play Safe Facebook page.

One can only wonder if Dr. Carr-Jordan realizes that staph lives on the skin and is part of the normal flora of a human? Does she also know that these same bacteria are on every toilet in her home? How violated would she feel if her bathrooms were to get swabbed by a complete stranger?

three siblings struck by car while catching the school bus

The driver of the pickup truck 24-year-old Alyssa Shepherd, was arrested and charged with three counts of reckless homicide and another misdemeanor for not respecting the ‘Stop’ signal.

A 9-year-old girl took her 6-year-old twin brothers by the hand to cross the street on Tuesday at 7:15 in the morning and catch the school bus. The brake lights were on, and even on one side the stop sign extended, but still the Toyota Tacoma truck driven 24-year-old Alyssa L. Shepherd hit them and killed them, according to Indiana police reports. Another child who was at the crossroads was also injured.

According to Elgin Ingle, the uncle of the three children who died, Alivia Stahl, the older sister, tried to protect her little brothers Xzavier and Mason by standing in front of them, but she did not succeed. “He acted like a mother trying to protect children. He had a second to think about what to do and he thought about protecting her brothers at that moment,”the uncle told the Indianapolis television station, adding that the mother immediately went out to help her children:” How do you decide which one? of your children help if all three are on the ground injured?”

Shepherd, accused of the homicide, remained at the scene of the accident. She was later arrested and will have to face three counts of wrongful death and a minor charge for missing the ‘stop’ signal that the bus had extended. She was released on bail after paying $15,000 and will have to appear in court on November 13.

Meanwhile, the other minor who was injured but survived in the accident, recovered at the Parkview Hospital from multiple broken bones and internal bruises. The community of Indiana has opened a GoFundMe campaign to help this family, who has one more child, to cope with the expenses of funerals and funerals. He has already achieved 72,980 of his $ 100,000 goal.